Thursday, September 3, 2020

Show Booking & Dior Album

Salam Dioratic

For any Inquiry, Show Booking , Dior's Product(album),
please email to
or call Ms.Baby NurulAin(assistant) +60 17 6494754.

to get Dior's Album.
  1. text BabyNurul Ain your name, address n contact number and state that you wanted to buy Dior's Album
  2. BabyNurul Ain will text you Account No for transition order.
  3. text BabyNurul Ain your transition details (amount, time n date)
  4. BabyNurul Ain & crew will arrange Delevering A.S.A.P

or for any details...
may contact Ms. BabyNurul Ain by her facebook
Click here

Jika terdapat sebarang aduan, pendapat atau cadangan..
boleh antarkan pada komen blog ini.. atau contact webmaster di alamat email ini. (bukan ym ye)


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